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Fractional Plates

Fractional Plates

Saber Fitness Fractional plates can help you hit those new PB lifts. 


All plates are sold as a pair.


Available as pairs or as a full set. 


Fit all standard Olympic barbells (50mm sleeves).  



  • Rubber construction  
  • Colour coded for easy identification  
  • Sold as a pair



  • 0.5kg - 17mm thickness, 151mm diameter - White  
  • 1.0kg - 21.5mm thickness, 179mm diameter - Green  
  • 1.25 - 23.5mm thickness, 218mm diameter - Black  
  • 1.5kg - 23mm thickness, 200mm diameter - Yellow  
  • 2.0kg - 23mm thickness, 220mm diameter - Blue  
  • 2.5kg - 23.5mm thickness, 240mm diameter - Red
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