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Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

High Quality Saber Fitness Resistance Bands. These commercial quality resistance bands come in a range of strengths to suit all needs and allow progression. The resistance bands are available individually or as a complete set. Conditioning, Power, Strength, Progression and Flexibility.



  • Standard length 104cm (208cm circumference).
  • Standard thickness 4.5-5mm
  • Colour coded for easy identification



  • RED Band (13mm, 5-35lbs)
  • BLACK Band (22mm, 30-60lbs)
  • PURPLE Band (30mm, 25-80lbs)
  • GREEN Band (45mm, 50-125lbs)
  • BLUE Band (65mm, 60-150lbs)
  • ORANGE Band (87mm, 0-170lbs)
  • GREY Band (105mm, 80-200lbs)
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